Alameda Neighborhood

Alameda Neighborhood is the one-stop-shop for all your family fiesta needs

Family parties take a lot of planning. But it always helps when you know best spots to shop for high quality items, activities and food at a nice price. If done correctly, your guests will talk about your fiesta for weeks to come! Lucky for you, this El Paso Adventure takes us on a tour of Alameda Avenue to some of the best stops before – and after – your fiesta, to guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Oswaldo Contreras, owner of El Paso Produce Co., a second-generation, family-owned grocery store, walked from Jefferson High School every day to work in the family store. His father started the business in 1974, but today it belongs to him and his wife.

You can find everything for your fiesta here, including all the ingredients to make delicious fresh salsa that your family will rave about.

Oswaldo says, “The best thing about being located in this area is the people. We have loyal, supportive clients and we are very grateful.”

Karina Nolasco is the co-owner of Viva Piñata, a local piñatería. Patrons are immediately greeted by endless stacks of piñatas in the shape of all types of memorable characters – from Disney’s Elsa to Chuckie from Child’s Play. Karina and her team have decades of experience making piñatas and they can bring anyone’s idea to life. Viva Piñatas’ creations are made in-house with heart and enthusiasm. Each piñata takes under an hour to finish.

Steve Vasquez is the manager of La Colonia Tortilla Factory and the third-generation owner of the family-owned store. His grandparents came from California to El Paso and were looking for a change, so they bought a local tortillería and began this beloved establishment. La Colonia sells tostadas, burritos, tacos, flautas and masa. Steve recommends their tostadas for your party, but plan to arrive early! Their delicious food routinely sells out by 11:30 a.m.

Lucky Cafe was the last stop on our Alameda Avenue adventure, where we spoke with assistant manager Patricia Patton. Everybody knows, the best parties have an afterparty! If your party runs late, Lucky Cafe offers food-to-go to ensure your guests leave happy and full. The cafe serves classics, plus breakfast and menudo.

Many of us grew up and made amazing memories at stores like these. Let’s keep the tradition going by visiting these local businesses before your next fiesta and remember to Buy El Paso!


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