Buy El Paso Adventure: The Art of Brewing

Are you looking for a few spots to cool off with a cold brew? Then you’ve come to the right place! Today, we are taking you on yet another Buy El Paso Adventure around our beautiful county to show you some of the very best breweries in the Borderland! Whether you’re a parent needing a family-friendly place to have a beer or just looking for a chill new spot, we’ll show you some of our favorite places to pop open a local beer. 

 Our first stop was Old Sheepdog Brewery. Here, we met with co-owner Gus Delgado who showed us around and told us a bit about Old Sheepdog. The brewery opened in December 2019, right before the COVID-19 pandemic. The space is family- and pet-friendly, full of art and cozy. But what makes Old Sheepdog unique, you might ask? Their ever-changing flavors! All of the beer is brewed in-houseand incorporates flavors of the Borderland. From pecan to chamoy, the Old Sheepdog brewers are open to trying any flavor that tastes like home. 

Next, we visited with Justin Gibson, owner of Aurellia’s Bottle Shop and Brewhouse, who explained his innovative process for getting the perfect beer, everytime. Aurelia is actually the name of an artificial intelligence, AI for short, that is capable of crafting beer for him and his team. According to Justin, this removes the human component of error to make sure things are perfect every time. Aurelia’s uses fresh ingredients to produce its beer and utilizes sustainable operations, reducing its carbon footprint. The brewery prides itself on being an ethical consumption based beer-maker. Ready for a beer from the future? Visit Aurelia’s. 

What’s in a name? At El Paso Brewing Co., it’s not just abou the beer. It’s also about our beloved hometown and county. From flavors like the Matador to others like Papí Chulo and the Thunderbird, El Paso Brewing Co. incorporates the taste of the Borderland in every drink and the feeling of life as a Fronterizo. We spoke with Evelyn Vigo, the co-owner of El Paso Brewing Co., who told us the space is family and pet friendly! If you’re a parent needing a beer in this busy back-to-school season, bring the kiddos! There are games for kids and families to play while parents get to take a breath and have a drink. That’s all for this Buy El Paso Adventure! Don’t forget to buy local and check out these awesome local breweries. We’ll see you lager!