Buy El Paso Adventures: All-American Adventure

O say, can you see? We just finished celebrating Independence Day on the Fourth of July, but that doesn’t mean we’re done celebrating America! So fly your flags high, get your trucks in gear and come with us on an exciting All-American Buy El Paso Adventure, right here in the Borderland.

First up, we moseyed on into Chuco Burgers and Dogs , where patrons are asked to keep their moans to a minimum after taking a bite into what owner, Chuco, calls “the best hamburger in the nation.” Chuco opened his restaurant with his last $100 nine or ten years ago, exemplifying the American Dream. With the freshest and finest ingredients, all artfully cooked, cut and placed, Chuco calls this a ‘burger experience.’ Their buns are sourdough buttered bread and their burgers are “cooked like filet mignon,” Chuco says. Why are you drooling? We’re not even halfway through the blog!

Next, we four-wheeled over to American Eagle Paintball, an outdoor paintball arena, for those of us who aren’t afraid to get a little dirty when having fun. We spoke with owner Joe Reeder, who assured us American Eagle Paintball focuses on safety and fun. Every player has to sign a waiver upon arrival. Players can then choose what kind of a day they are going to have, from the standard package to a party package. Players can be outfitted with gear, pressurized air, paintballs, pizza and everything else they might need, beside night vision goggles.

Lastly, just like the Borderland perfectly blends American and Mexican cultures, so too do the hot dogs at Hot Dog Kings, our final stop on this Buy El Paso Adventure. Hot Dog Kings’ owner Ruben Chairez tells us these foot-long wieners are made differently than any you may have had before – Juárez style or Mexican style. This means they are loaded with beans, cheese, onions, tomatoes, pickles, salsa, mayo, ketchup, mustard and more! It’s not your traditional hot dog like from New York or Chicago, but it represents the best part of America — we each make it our own.

That’s it for this All-American Buy El Paso Adventure, partner! Thank you for riding along with us, here in the 915. We’ll see you next time, and remember to always Buy El Paso.