Buy El Paso Adventures: Booming Black-owned Businesses

February is Black History Month, and this episode of Buy El Paso Adventures celebrates some of El Paso’s Black-owned businesses that are paving the way for other minority-owned business owners.  Follow along on this Buy El Paso Adventure to check out just a few of our city’s Black-owned stores.

Our first stop was Blue Collar Shaved Ice, where we spoke with Owner Kenny Broomfield. Though the store is billed as a shaved ice place, there’s more than just shaved ice to choose from. . Kenny has a rather unique success story; he and his brother started a shaved ice stand in 1999. Years later in 2013, Kenny realized the weather in El Paso was perfect to reboot his old shaved ice stand and started operating out of a truck. In August of 2020, Kenny’s business was so successful that he was able to open a storefront in El Paso’s Sunland Park Mall.

“For me, it’s a dream come true,” Broomfield says.. “People who are coming up and [who] look like me know that it’s possible to have a business and be successful in this city. My advice is to have a positive vibe, take it day-by-day and take that leap of faith.”

Our next stop was L&M Beauty, where we were greeted by Owner and Founder Lizzy Roberson. L&M Beauty has seen success despite starting in the middle of the pandemic between the first and second shutdowns, no less). L&M Beauty beautifies clients for their big events, such as weddings and quinces. 

They can also help with anything from a quick trim to a complete makeover. L&M offers highlights, hair coloring, haircuts, children’s haircuts, nails and more. The business largely gains clients through word-of-mouth and prides itself on the comfortable space provided for clients.

“It’s a very great feeling to represent the Black community as a business owner and to set an example for my son,” Roberson says. “I am 28, have my own business and have been able to successfully create this safe and comfortable place for my clientele.”

Our final stop was Cash Everette, founded by Designer Chance Maxwell. The company is more than a clothing brand — it is a creative brand, Maxwell explains.The designs sold on clothing items are inspired by a variety of things, from music and culture to fashion and art. 

Cash Everette was started in March 2021 and is nearing its first anniversary. Maxwell always wanted to start something creative, but hadn’t quite pictured what he is doing now. 

“It’s a privilege being a Black creator and being a part of something that is bigger than me,” Maxwell says. “There are lots of Black creatives out there who are scared to put their work out there and I am here to say ‘why not take that step?’”

Check out these Black-owned businesses and others in El Paso by visiting Thank you for joining us on this Adventure and remember to Buy El Paso!