Buy El Paso Adventures: Happy, Healthy Homes

Chores – like them or not – are something we all have to do. Often, keeping up with the day-to-day can take a lot. I don’t know about you, but I can’t ever seem to find the energy or time to deep clean. That’s why, on this Buy El Paso Adventure, we are showing you two businesses who are all about the extra, but necessary, aspects of improving your environment.

The first business we visited was El Paso Organizing, where we spoke to Hayley Daw about the art of beautifully organizing homes, corporate offices and a wide array of other spaces. Hayley is all about simplifying your space by keeping it organized in a way that’s easy to maintain. Hayley started organizing with a corporate company, but realized she could do it on her own and loved it. So, Hayley brought her skills back to El Paso and began El Paso Organizing. Hayley starts with a consultation to hear clients’ issues or ideas for their space. Afterward, she takes measurements and drafts a proposal on how she could make the space ideal for the client. 

When asked what Hayley enjoys most about the job, she said seeing the project through.

“It’s nice to be able to see the before and after,” she says. “And it’s very rewarding to know I am doing something that will improve the person’s daily life.”

The next business we visited was EP Disinfecting Bros LLC, a mobile disinfecting and cleaning service. We spoke with owner Joe Ozeda. 

EP Disinfecting Bros goes into your home, car, business or space that may be infected with odors, allergies or pathogens, like bacteria or viruses such as COVID-19, to sanitize the space. The process is eco-friendly and doesn’t utilize any harsh chemicals. The company also offers car and yard cleaning services. EP Disinfecting Bros’ services will keep you and your family breathing easily in your freshly cleaned and disinfected space.

We asked Joe about his company’s success and his trusted reputation.

“EP Disinfecting Bros treats clients like family and we try to go above and beyond to improve our community,” he said. “In turn, the community has shown its support for our company.”

Don’t let the ‘extras’ bog you down! Call one of these two businesses and enjoy a truly clean and healthy space. Thank you for joining us on this week’s adventure and remember to Buy El Paso!