Buy El Paso Adventures: Hobbies

With the first month of 2023 almost gone, it’s time to get busy on those New Year resolutions, like picking up a new hobby! So, on this Buy El Paso Adventure, we give you a few helpful ideas to get started on a new pet project, relaxing diversion, or fun way to start a business of your own.

Are you looking to add a little green to your life? Natalie Beagle, owner of Seek Truth Gardens, was obsessed with plants, too. So, with some prodding from her wife, the two opened their online shop, providing rare plants to like-minded green thumbs in El Paso and nationwide.

“Plants were an obsession and they became a business,” Natalie said. “It’s a unique hobby. It helps with mental health, I felt like I was able to connect something and bring something back to life.”

Seek Truth Gardens brings unique plants from places like Ecuador, Thailand and Indonesia and acclaimates them to the Southwest environment.

“There’s a big plant community in El Paso, people love plants,” says Natalie. “There’s a big demand for different kinds of plants other than cacti and succulents, they just need a little love.”

Seek Truth Gardens sells its distinctive aroid plants online via Instagram, Facebook and Etsy, or in-person by appointment only. Check them out today by going to

Fitness is another one of those New Year’s resolutions that can go from hobby to an obsession — and has mental health benefits, as well.

Brenda Rodriguez, aka Nurse B, is co-owner of Peach Lab by Nurse B. Peach Lab isn’t just a gym, it’s a community of women who come together, not just to look better on the outside, but to feel better on the inside, as well.

“We started off as a group of women that like to come together to work on our favorite body part — our glutes!,” says Nurse B, who is a former nurse turned certified health coach.

Peach Lab offers fitness classes, including Dripped Peach, a full body HIIT workout that targets body parts that women care about the most, like glutes, waist and legs.

But the most important part about fitness, says Nurse B, isn’t looking good on the outside, it’s feeling good on the inside.

“As a certified health coach who is also certified in nutrition, the biggest gift I can give is my knowledge,” she says. “Change comes from the inside out. At the end of our workouts, I share messages that hopefully empower you, inspire you and hopefully help you take inventory on the areas of your life you can improve. We’re all women, we’re all at different levels. And that’s okay.”

Get started on your 2023 healthy fitness journey today by going to check out @peachlab_bynursb on Instagram!

Our last hobby adventure is a favorite for almost everybody — shopping! But not just any boring shopping at the mall. We’re talking about fun, unique pieces of clothing, furniture and art that can only be found from vintage sellers.

“This whole journey started a few years ago,” said Darlene Escandon, owner of Jane and Jensen Vintage. “I had a stroke in 2020 and that kept me at home. I started doing a lot of vintage shopping on Instagram. I looked around the house and realized I have a lot of items I can sell. I thought, ‘I can do this.’ I started my Instagram page that day and a year later I had shipped items to all 50 states.”

Jane and Jensen specializes in vintage, retro and antique furniture and household items. Darlene says her focus is on building a community of people interested in buying and selling cool vintage items and art.

“I want to remain people and community oriented,” she said. “I want to give artists a space and be a community driven shop, where if you don’t have a space, you can come here and create a space to sell.”

Jane and Jensen will soon move from its location on Mills Ave. to a location in the heart of Downtown El Paso. Stay tuned to their Instagram page at @jane_jensen.vintage for more information!

That’s a wrap for the first adventure of 2023! Don’t forget to shop local and let us know where your next Buy El Paso Adventure will take you!