Buy El Paso Adventures: It’s Burger Time!

Burgers are an all-time classic and a staple of American food. On this Buy El Paso Adventure, we are taking you on a journey across the county to try the best burgers in our area.

First stop is Rosco’s Burger Inn. The burger joint has been an El Paso icon serving delicious burgers in the Borderland since 1955. The old-fashioned burger restaurant makes their burgers with top-of-the-line Grade A beef and the freshest ingredients.

While Jacob Carrasco — a third-generation owner of the burger joint — is proud to carry on his family’s legacy by serving some of the best food in the Borderland, he is most proud of Rosco’s Burger Inn being a part of the El Paso community for nearly 70 years. The support of the local community helped Rosco’s Burger Inn survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We got through COVID with local support,” he said. “We didn’t lose any staff. We are able to keep everything going, which is great for us and everybody who depends on the restaurant. We do it right. We do it well. We take pride in what we do.”

Rosco’s Burger Inn is located at 3829 Tompkins Road in Central El Paso.

The next stop on our burger journey is Carne-Vore by Wolf food truck and catering service. If it has meat, CarneVore makes it, said Brian Rodriguez, owner and operator of Carne-Vore by Wolf.

Carne-Vore makes everything from their Chico Royale, a mouthwatering Philly cheese steak sandwich, to their quarter-pounder burger made fresh on the grill from brisket beef. On the catering side, Carne-Vore by Wolf has you covered for all your events. They make everything from pulled pork to 12-hour smoked brisket.

Carne-Vore also has vegan and vegetarian items on their menu.

“As long as it has meat in it, we can probably take care of it,”  Rodriguez said. “We can pretty much cater to any wolf appetite, any carnivore appetite, as long as it has meat, we got you covered, but we don’t forget about our vegans and vegetarians.”

Carne-Vore by Wolf is open Friday and Saturday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Buddy’s Beer Barn, located at 10150 Montana Ave. in East El Paso.

For more information on their catering service, visit Carne-Vore by Wolf’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Our last stop on this Buy El Paso Adventure is Frisco Burger, located at 3111 N. Yarbrough Dr. in East El Paso. 


Natasha Holguin, manager of Frisco Burger, most enjoys the clientele at the family-owned 50s-themed restaurant. The staff knows the majority of their regular’s orders by heart and especially likes how supportive Frisco Burger is in supporting our community.

‘”Everything that is delivered is local and fresh. If we support local, small businesses will continue to make it.”

Aside from its fresh ingredient burgers, Frisco Burger is also known for its diverse menu. They make Philly cheesesteaks, rolled tacos, Chinese food and more. You can enjoy these delicious eats from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

That’s all for this Buy El Paso Adventure! Don’t forget to buy local and check out these awesome burger joints.