Buy El Paso Adventures: Resolutions That Last!

Getting healthy, getting in shape and getting to the gym more often — it’s one of the most common resolutions every New Year. But the treadmill and weights can get old, fast! Varying your activity can help your health and fitness goals stay on track in 2022. If you are looking for fun, unconventional ways to keep your resolution or just looking to be more active, this Buy El Paso Adventure is for you!


First, we stopped by Hot Box Yoga and spoke to owner Katrina Mark. Katrina described the space as a place for people to unwind and separate from the craziness of their day-to-day life. Hot Box Yoga offers warm and hot yoga and various options, from sound therapy and movement-based classes to meditation sessions. These classes are accessible to yoga newcomers and experts alike. If you are looking to find your zen, Hot Box Yoga is the place to go!


Next, we went to Cave Climbing Gym and spoke with Sarah Sanchez. Sarah says newcomers are always welcome. Sarah calls it “climbing comradery” — the sense of community and positivity that emanate from her gym. Cave Climbing Gym has climbers of all ages, from four-year-olds to elderly climbers, and classes are offered for all levels of experience. Rock climbing is an upper-body workout that is an addictive challenge. Once you feel comfortable in the gym, there are many natural climbing spots around El Paso, such as Hueco Tanks, to test out your skills. What a fun way to keep your resolution!


Lastly, we spent our evening dancing the night away with local dance instructor and confidence coach Pamela Parra. Pamela hosts classes at studios around the city for people looking to get in shape, become better dancers and build their confidence. The music is primarily Latin, but Pamela features a little bit of everything in every class, from R&B to rock. Pamela trains dancers of all levels and describes dancing as the perfect workout. Why not strap on a pair of heels and give it a try?


There are so many ways to stay in shape. These local businesses are making it more rewarding than ever to accomplish your 2022 goals. Happy new year, everyone, and remember to Buy El Paso!