Buy El Paso Adventures: Soup and Spice & Everything Nice!

For many of us El Pasoans, food and family are what make every holiday special, but none more so than Navidad! Christmastime brings familiar flavors of menudo, tamales and bizcochos to warm people up, despite the chilly weather outside. On this Buy El Paso Adventure, we visited two locally beloved shops to taste the flavors of the holiday season.

Our first stop was El Paso’s Bakery. We spoke with Raymond Olivas to learn more about the bakery’s famous pastries and seasonal items. The artisanal bakery has all kinds of sweet treats, including seasonal favorites like buñuelos and Christmas cookies. Serve these delicious goodies at any family get-together or party to make it memorable for everyone.

If sweets aren’t your thing, the bakery serves red, green or raja tamales and menudo on weekends. Bring your own pot! El Paso’s Bakery has been a local favorite since 2006 and are sure to satisfy your holiday cravings.

Whether you are hosting a Christmas party or just splurging on holiday treats, place your order now. Don’t forget, El Paso’s Bakery also has roscas available starting January 6 for Dia de los Reyes — try not to get the piece with the baby!

When we asked Raymond about the importance of supporting local businesses, he shared that after the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the bakery had to close one of its two locations. “

Small businesses are the backbone of the local economy,” said Raymond. “Shopping locally ensures small businesses’ doors stay open, like El Paso’s Bakery, and keeps El Paso’s money in our community.”

Our next stop was Chepe’s Tamales, where we spoke with Jose Basurto. Chepe’s Tamales serves an assortment of Mexican delicacies. Their tamales are known for being some of the most delicious in town.

Jose tells us the store serves all kinds of tamales, including red chile with pork, green chile with chicken, green chile with cheese, and sweet raisin (tamales dulces). If you like spice, Jose recommends the green chile tamales with a sauce made of fresh jalapeños.

Chepe’s Tamales has been in El Paso for 17 years and is a family-owned business. Jose says supporting local businesses is important because it helps everyday El Pasoans, like him and his employees.

Chepe’s will serve tamales through the holiday season but Jose sencourages people to order tamales now since they are in high demand.

To get in the holiday spirit and embrace Navidad in El Paso, be sure to stop by these two locally-owned favorites and remember to Buy El Paso!

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