Join us on a ‘Nerd-venture’ to local comics and collectible stores

Do you remember the great recess debates between Marvel and DC comics? Did your parents take you out of school to go see the first showing of Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace? Nobody can deny the excitement when they find out their favorite comic book is coming to life in theatres. On this Buy El Paso Adventure, we embrace the child at heart and appreciate the memories local comic books and collectible stores give us.

Our visit to Black Sheep Comics, Doc’s Unique Collectibles, Allstar Comics and Games, and Asylum Comics made us realize that we all have a little bit of nerd in us. So, we decided to call this adventure a Nerd-venture.

The East Side’s Black Sheep Comics is a woman-owned comic book store. Owners Bianca and Naomi Chavira wanted to create a space where they can share their love of comics with others who also feel like they are black sheep in the industry. The comic book industry is predominantly male-dominated and this store welcomes anyone and everyone, providing Marvel, DC, and plenty of independent comics to comic enthusiasts of all walks of life. Black Sheep Comics also offers collectible action figures and Funko Pops, and the store also handmakes plushies, patches, wood art, resin art, and more.


Fernando Lara always had a love for comics, especially Spiderman. He wanted to share the experience of walking into a store and reading the latest comics with others, so he co-founded Asylum Comics, as a haven for the comic book community.

Asylum Comics opened its doors on the West Side about 12 years ago. Its owners strive to treat everyone like family. Lara knows his customers and is prepared with new suggestions for many of his patrons who know him on a first-name basis. Its name is a play on Arkham Asylum from DC Comics’ Batman. Asylum carries comic books, countless independent comics, trade paperbacks, and anything comic book-related.  

Like Asylum Comics, Allstar Comics and Games on Dyer offers comics and comic book-related items, but it didn’t start out that way.

Owner Brad Wilson opened his business by selling sports cards, then expanded to coloring books and other collectibles. Eventually, he saw the popularity and potential of comic books. His appreciation for comic books came from seeing their value and recognizing the incredible talent of illustrators that brought many of these characters to life. 

From veterans and military service members like himself, to doctors, dentists, lawyers, teachers and visitors from around the United States, a variety of different customers visit Allstar Comics and Games and are loyal to the store. Inside, you will find rows and rows of comics, collectible action figures, pop culture items, books, statues, posters, and so much more. 

In Far East El Paso, Doc’s Unique Collectibles provides a variety of collectible comic book-related items. The store is an authorized retailer for Funko Pop and Sideshow collectibles, and they have a few hidden gems from the ’70s, as well. 

Daniel Contreras opened Doc’s unique Collectibles when he had realized his thousands of collectibles had taken over his home. His obsession started with his love for all things Star Wars. He wanted to share the same excitement he has with others in the community. 

Comic books and collectible stores are not only for comic book and collectible lovers, they’re for every kind of person. Whether it’s enjoying amazing illustrations from comic book artists like Frank Miller, reading a comic that triggers your emotions like Watchmen, or sharing your love of Star Wars with the next generation of fans by purchasing them a replica of the Millennium Falcon – El Paso’s local businesses provide something for the nerd in all of us.

Take some time this weekend to visit your local comic book and collectible store. You will be thrilled by whatever you find on your very own Nerd-venture!

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