Buy El Paso Adventures: Embrace local flavor and celebrate 16 de Septiembre

As El Pasoans, we love to embrace our vibrant culture. So, what better way to celebrate Mexican Independence Day, 16 de Septiembre, than by indulging in local treasures? In this Buy El Paso Adventures, we will explore three local businesses – El Jacalito Restaurant, Xicali Imports, and El Perro Grande Tequila – that embody the essence of El Paso’s unique heritage.

Martha Casas has been serving authentic Mexican cuisine to the El Paso community for 27 years, first as an employee and now as the owner of El Jacalito Restaurant, located in the heart of El Paso, near Downtown. Her passion for homemade Mexican food shines through every dish served at this cozy eatery.

“Our food is very authentic and very homemade,” says Martha. “It’s very much like getting a home-cooked meal and that is what people tell us when they come to eat here. Sometimes they say, ‘Oh, this soup reminds me of my grandmother’s, or it reminds me of what my mother made.’”.

At El Jacalito, you can savor the flavors of Mexico with dishes like their renowned Tlalpeno broth soup, a traditional chicken broth with garlic, onion, epazote, cumin and chipotle. The chicken soup comes with avocado slices and lime.

The Jacalito experience is a longtime El Paso tradition, making it the perfect spot to celebrate 16 de Septiembre with family and friends in a way that is truly local.

Xicali Imports offers a treasure trove of Mexican goods which has been a hub for imported artisanal items for 30 years. Owner Joel Velarde and his team took over the business two years ago because of their passion for Mexico’s culture. That is why they personally import an array of items perfect for celebrating 16 de Septiembre, including clothing, blankets, furniture, sombreros, and papel picado.

“Last year, many people were asking and looking for items for 16 de Septiembre celebrations,” Joel said. “So this year we tried to bring in a lot more items for parties and party decorations.”

For those preparing to celebrate 16 de Septiembre, Xicali Imports is a one-stop shop for all your party needs. Their extensive collection of Loteria cards, sarapes, and other festive decorations will help make your celebration a colorful and authentic affair. By shopping here, you not only get unique Mexican products but also support local business and contribute to El Paso’s economy.

“We try to keep it local,” says Joel. “Being part of the community is very important to us.”

El Paso’s very own tequila brand, El Perro Grande, was born out of a passion for the city, its culture and, of course, tequila. Founded by Renard Johnson in 2019, this locally owned and operated brand is committed to representing El Paso through its premium tequilas.

“Renard really wanting to create something that was a symbol of El Paso,” says Krystal Myrick, Director of Business Development for El Perro Grande Tequila. “He wanted to give us all something that is wrapped up in one really exciting package so that we could talk about our culture and what it means to truly be an El Pasoan.”

What sets El Perro Grande Tequila apart is its meticulous handcrafting process, from choosing the finest 100% Blue Agave from Jalisco to blending it to perfection. The result is a smooth and delightful tequila that El Pasoans can be proud of. The brand was founded on September 15, or 915 Day as it’s known to here in the Borderland, just one day before 16 de Septiembre. So, says Krystal, their brand’s success is deeply intertwined with 16 de Septiembre and El Paso’s local culture.

El Perro Grande Tequila goes the extra mile by collaborating with other local businesses, as well, like Chuco Relic and supporting causes close to their hearts, such as the Humane Society of El Paso. When you sip on El Perro Grande Tequila, you’re not just enjoying a fantastic spirit; you’re supporting a brand deeply rooted in the El Paso community.

As 16 de Septiembre approaches, remember to celebrate while buying El Paso by shopping and dining locally. El Jacalito, Xicali Imports, and El Perro Grande Tequila embody the spirit of the city, offering authentic Mexican cuisine, unique imported goods, and a locally crafted tequila that reflects the essence of El Paso’s culture. Raise your glass, savor delicious meals, and embrace the local flavor!

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