Oira’s Food Truck Park: A Northeast El Paso Culinary Delight

This week’s Buy El Paso Adventures took us to Oira’s Food Truck Park, a hidden gem nestled in Northeast El Paso, where you’ll find a wide variety of delights, from delicious tacos, to Nashville hot chicken, and international fare like pupusas. There are even desserts!

Our first stop was Pupusa Squad. For those looking to savor the authentic flavors of El Salvador, the food truck, co-owned by Pablo Luna and his wife, is an absolute must-visit. Luna takes pride in serving traditional Salvadoran dishes, with pupusas being the star of the show. Pupusas are a delightful blend of thick, handmade tortillas stuffed with various fillings like cheese, beans, and meats — similar to a gordita.

Pablo, who grew up in Los Angeles where Salvadorian restaurants are more common, wanted to bring those flavors to El Paso. He and his wife started Pupusa Squad six years ago, introducing this lesser-known delicacy to the community. Oira’s Food Truck Park is Pupusa Squad’s third and newest location.

“We want to open a restaurant, but we are learning the business little-by-little,” Luna said.

The dedication to fresh ingredients and made-to-order cooking sets Pupusa Squad apart from other eateries. You can’t go wrong with a fresh pupusa, filled with your choice of cheese, steak, veggies or other Salvedorian delights like fried plantain.

If you’re looking for boba tea, look no further than Sweet Haus. Co-owner Alan Farfan’s food truck blends the best of boba teas with the uniqueness of Liège waffles. The love and dedication poured into creating these delights are evident in every bite.

“Our waffles are so unique because they are Liège waffles, meaning they are made from dough, not batter,” Alan said. “We make the dough from scratch and we’ve honed the recipe for over a year.”

The menu at Sweet Haus boasts a wide selection of boba teas, milk teas, and smoothies, each catering to the diverse preferences of the boba community. The Mango Milk Tea and Thai Milk Tea are particular crowd-pleasers, while the mazapan and gansito teas give boba fans a borderland flair.

Alan said he chose Oira’s Food Truck Park for its welcoming atmosphere and lively energy which is the perfect setting to introduce their innovative waffle creations and boba drinks.

Last stop: dessert! As you step up to Adam’s Seriously Good Ice Cream Rolls, your senses are immediately overwhelmed with the tantalizing aroma of fried Oreos and funnel cakes. Adam’s is a haven for those with a sweet tooth, offering a delightful variety of rolled ice creams and decadent desserts. The dessert truck’s signature fried Oreos are a crowd-pleaser, and it’s easy to understand why – they are truly craveable!

“We wanted to be part of this community at Oira’s because there’s not very many food trucks in the Northeast,” said cashier Ella Tucker. “There’s a food truck park on the East Side but why not have one here?”

Oira’s Food Truck Park is located at 10308 Dyer St. and is open Tuesday through Sunday evenings. If you find yourself in the area, don’t miss the chance to savor these mouthwatering delights and support these locally owned and passionate food truck owners who have added a dash of culinary magic to the Northeast.