Buy El Paso Adventures: Earth Day

As spring approaches, we are reminded of the beauty of nature and the importance of taking care of our planet. This sentiment is particularly important as Earth Day approaches on April 22. In El Paso, there are several local businesses that can help you celebrate spring and support sustainable practices. 

The first business we visited is Production Growers, a greenhouse located at 4950 Love Rd. in the Upper Valley. This unique neighborhood nursery specializes in growing a variety of plants, as well as commercial and residential landscaping. They offer a wide range of products, including trees, shrubs, bedding plants, succulents and other garden plants.

As a Texas Tech graduate of horticulture, owner Lewis Lawrence has worked in garden cultivation and management for more than 50 years. Lawrence uses his years of experience to provide local gardeners with the knowledge they need to grow and maintain their landscapes and gardens in our dry desert climate, and help sustain them in a way that’s safer for the environment.

“We have the product and knowledge, I think that’s the difference we provide,” said Lawrence. “We can advise you on pretty much every type of plant that grows in our region, whether it’s low-water, medium-water or high-water use.”

For Earth Day, Lawrence said Production Growers is participating in a tree giveaway with the El Paso Zoo. He recommends El Pasoans celebrate by picking up a beautiful native plant or shrub and planting in their home gardens.

The second business we visited is High Desert Native Plants, a local company that specializes in ecological restoration, yard maintenance and rain water harvesting landscape installations. This business is committed to promoting sustainable landscaping practices that are both environmentally friendly and visually stunning. By choosing native plants, you are also supporting the local ecosystem by providing habitat for local wildlife.

“Anything that deals with putting plants in the ground and getting water to it without wasting that precious resource is what we do,” said Lara Barnes, biologist at High Desert Native Plants.
We try to make everything we plant native and drought tolerant to save water. We go in and determine how much water is coming into your property and determine how to use it best to water your plants, so you don’t have to.”

If you are looking to beautify your outdoor space while supporting sustainable practices, High Desert Native Plants is the perfect choice. Go to their website,, or contact them for a consultation at 915-490-8601.

If you’re looking to tackle a DIY project this spring, Ascencion Hardware and Feed has everything you need for remodeling and construction projects. This locally owned hardware store has been serving El Paso for more than 20 years.

“We know our clients and can help them find the materials and tools they need quickly so they can get to work,” said owner Julio Cesar Puente. “When you shop local you’re helping small businesses grow and improve more and more.”

Supporting local businesses in El Paso is a great way to celebrate spring and Earth Day. Whether you’re looking to start a garden, add some native plants to your landscape, or tackle a DIY project, Production Growers, High Desert Native Plants, and Ascencion Hardware have got you covered. By choosing these and other local businesses, you can support the local economy, reduce your environmental footprint and create a beautiful and sustainable outdoor space.